RAUCH Additive Manufacturing in High Performance Plastics

New paths in
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Additive Manufacturing in High Performance Plastics

Selective Laser Sintering:
EOSINT P810 with PEKK HT-23 with encapsulated carbon.
Other machines an materials:
PPS with and without fibers.
Suitable for single parts and series production.

Fused Filament Fabrication with PEEK, CarbonPA and other Filaments. For Prototyping and small series production. Parts impossible to be produced with SLS or OTM maybe printed with this technologie.

OligoThermoMelt Technologie on pilot machine with PPS (Polyphenylensulfid) and PEKK (Polyetherketonketon) suitable for industrial applications.

These high-performance plastics are suitable for high-temperature applications from 160 to over 200 ° C.
They are inherent flame retardent and burn off anti-toxic.
Besides their outstanding excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance they are as well adapted for electrical isolation.

Further materials please inquire.
For industrial applications special customized solutions can be developed.

Knowledge and extensive experience

55 years of manufacturing expertise

Our company was founded in 1961 as a carpentry by Wilfried Rauch. Between 1994 and 2005 we specialized in milling processing of thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. A new era was launched in 2006 when a five-axis robot was installed to feed a new machining center. Today several machining centers produce serial parts mainly for the engineering industry and medical engineering industry.

Additive Manufacturing

A new milestone was reached in 2013 when the EOSINT P800 für PEEK was installed. Right from the beginning our additive manufacturing department was specialized in high performance plastics.

Based on our roots in small series production and because of sophisticated materials our main focus is more on serial parts than on rapid prototyping. For series applications we offer consulting for your R&D and design departments.

A design matching the special facts of additive manufacturing, the perfect choice of materials and technology, an optimized production process and finally a well-optimized quality-management-workflow is mandatory for a successful implementation.

With our expertise in 3D-Printing High-Performance-Plastics, we are the perfect partner to realize your most challenging projects. Ensure your company a technological and competive advantage - we have the KnowHow !



· Design suitable for Laser Sintering
· Customised Materials
· Reduktion of Post-Processing
· Industrial Manufacturing Solutions
· Agile Quality-Work-Flows

Technology: New laser sintering technology





The absolutely new laser sintering technology OligoThermoMelt opens a new approach to eliminate the previous disadvantages in additive manufacturing with high performance polymers. The new process was developed and patented by Airbus Group Innovations. With assimilated temperature control, increased laser power and structured part placement with supportstructures the powder get less polymerized. The final sintering of the parts takes place through a special exposure laser strategy. The changed process leads to an improvement of the recycling rate and unpowdering of the parts becomes quite simply. Additionally smoother surfaces and better tolerances are feasible. Excellent material properties increase the quality of the parts and the higher recycling rate will reduce costs in industrial applications.

Rauch CNC manufactory is the first industrial user of this technology. The pilot machine was installed at the end of 2017 in our advanced manufacturing facility. As a proven specialist in the 3D-processing of high-performance plastics, we bring our extensive experience into further development and optimization. As soon as the test series are completed, the world's first commercial OligoThermoMelt-System will be available for mass production.

This technologically advanced infrastructure, the specially designed material concept and a broad-based expertise offer the best prerequisites for realizing the process as well as the machining technology and the materials to the needs of your industrial application in the field of high-performance plastics.

- We adapt technique and material to the component and not the reverse!
You are interested in OligoThermoMelt? Please contact us!

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Winners INNOspace Masters 2017
DLR Space Administration Challenge

2nd Place for
Fraunhofer IST with partners Rauch CNC Manufaktur and OHB AG
Additive Manufacturing for Space Using High-Performance Polymers

AMPFORS (Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Parts for Space) is seeking to replace the metal structural components used for space applications with lightweight polymer parts. These parts are produced by means of additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing. To compensate for their lower mechanical stability compared to metal, the polymer components are then outfitted with a metallic layer to form a “sandwich” composite. AMPFORS plans to use both the high-performance polymer PEEK and the less expensive material polyamide (PA). In addition to the space sector, this project‘s key markets include aircraft manufacturing, mechanical engineering, tool-making, and medical equipment production.


  • Makes satellite structures up to 20% lighter and up to 50% less expensive
  • Incorporation of metal coatings improve the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of polymers; also prevents the emission of water and monomers
  • Additive Manufacturing process speeds up component design and production

Award ceremony in Berlin: (from left to right) Dr. Gerd Gruppe (Member of the Executive Board, DLR), Bernd Rauch (Rauch CNC Manufaktur), Dr. Andreas Dietz (Fraunhofer IST), Egbert Jan van der Veen (OHB AG) and Dr. Franziska Zeitler (Head of Innovation & New Markets, DLR)

© DLR/ Leuschner

FORMNEXT celebrates its 5th birthday in 2019!

We were there from the beginning and were able to celebrate as well. Our fair presence with new products and innovations, interested visitors and satisfied customers has left its mark.

Another milestone on the way to print series parts made of high-performance plastics!

With state-of-the-art technology and innovative materials, we can offer a significantly expanded product portfolio and serve other fields of application.

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