Technology: New laser sintering technology





The absolutely new laser sintering technology OligoThermoMelt opens a new approach to eliminate the previous disadvantages in additive manufacturing with high performance polymers. The new process was developed and patented by Airbus Group Innovations. With assimilated temperature control, increased laser power and structured part placement with supportstructures the powder get less polymerized. The final sintering of the parts takes place through a special exposure laser strategy. The changed process leads to an improvement of the recycling rate and unpowdering of the parts becomes quite simply. Additionally smoother surfaces and better tolerances are feasible. Excellent material properties increase the quality of the parts and the higher recycling rate will reduce costs in industrial applications.

Rauch CNC manufactory is the first industrial user of this technology. The pilot machine was installed at the end of 2017 in our advanced manufacturing facility. As a proven specialist in the 3D-processing of high-performance plastics, we bring our extensive experience into further development and optimization. As soon as the test series are completed, the world's first commercial OligoThermoMelt-System will be available for mass production.

This technologically advanced infrastructure, the specially designed material concept and a broad-based expertise offer the best prerequisites for realizing the process as well as the machining technology and the materials to the needs of your industrial application in the field of high-performance plastics.

- We adapt technique and material to the component and not the reverse!
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